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We help our clients to solve problems, tell stories and progress their business. A film can say so much in just a couple of minutes and used well, can help both internal and external audiences discover new ideas.

Take a look below to find out how we’ve helped with recruitment, internal engagement, storytelling, e-learning and much more.  



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Horder Healthcare approached us with a brief for a recruitment campaign to help show what it’s like to work for the charity.

Post-COVID recruitment has become incredibly competitive, making it harder to find the right candidates for roles, forcing businesses to find new strategies in order to attract staff. Watch this interview with Josephine Trotter, Head of Marketing and Sales at Horder Healthcare to learn how the use of video has helped to boost applicant rates.

I think the videos have made our style of recruitment quite outstanding, nobody else is producing anything to the high standards that we are.


Digitom was the sixth company I’d approached, they turned the entire brief upside down and came up with something that resonated immediately.

Josephine Trotter, Head of Marketing and Sales



Stagecoach Logo

Stagecoach South East approached us with a brief to explore the variety of roles within the bus company.

Feedback from employees suggested colleagues felt siloed and that people weren’t entirely clear on what other departments did. In addition, the company was keen to engage with their passengers and showcase how their staff keep the buses on the road. Digitom embarked upon a series of monthly branded content films to help bring people’s stories to life and break down those barriers.

Watch this interview with Joel Mitchell, Managing Director at Stagecoach South East, to find out how video has been used to engage with different audiences.

Fundamentally we’ve been absolutely thrilled with the impact it’s had.


I think the thing we’ve really enjoyed about working with the Digitom team is the marrying up of corporate values and what matters.

Joel Mitchell, Managing Director



Quantuma Logo

Quantuma used video as an opportunity to provide practical forward-looking guidance.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020 Quantuma seized upon the opportunity to use their experts to share their expertise to help support the vast range of businesses and professionals they work with. Digitom were appointed to produce the Building Financial Fortitude series with financial journalist James Ashton.

Watch this interview with Alex Footman, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Quantuma, to find out how video helped to raise the company’s profile.

We wanted a partner that was going to help shape, craft the concept and drive the ideas.


Digitom weren’t there just to execute the brief, they challenged us and made us think things through differently.

Alex Footman, Head of Marketing and Business Development



South East Enterprise Local Enterprise Partnership logo

South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) came to us at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic with a business-critical problem.

They needed to onboard new members, just as England went into lockdown March 2020. Digitom delivered an e-learning animation to help explain the governance requirements of the LEP and successfully induct new members ahead of the board’s quarterly meeting.

Watch this interview with Zoe Gordon, Business Engagement and Communications Manager at SELEP, to find out how animation came to the rescue.

We really needed that project management side of it that Digitom brought, where we set out a timeline from the beginning.


Having that creative basically helped us to function, it worked really well.

Zoe Gordon, Business Engagement and Communications Manager



Nextdoor logoNextdoor uses video to capture stories of how neighbours are using the platform to build stronger, safer and happier communities.

The ‘Good Neighbour Awards 2018, 2019 (Royal Television Society Finalist) & 2020 (Creativepool ANNUAL Finalist), produced by Digitom, celebrate outstanding neighbours who go above and beyond for their community, whilst ‘Nextdoor Communities‘ shares stories of how neighbours are using the platform to change users lives.

Watch this interview with Alice Skeats, Head of Partnerships (Europe) at Nextdoor, to find out how video has proved a successful marketing channel.

The videos for us have been priceless, the return on investment has been really good.

What I loved about working with Digitom was that it was just really professional, really creative, but most of all really fun.

Alice Skeats, Head of Partnerships (Europe)



RMinistry of Defence Logoeserve Forces uses video as part of their communications strategy to help recruit reserves to the British Forces.

167 Catering Support Regiment’, produced by Digitom, was viewed 1,000 times within the first hour when it was shared on the Army Jobs Facebook page, whilst the ‘Reserves Experience‘ has been used to recruit Civil Servants across the UK to the tri-services.

Watch this interview with Simon Jeffery, Employer Engagement, about how video enabled them to reach a new audience.

I can say, without a doubt, we’d most definitely use video again. It gives a concise message and it engages with the right target group.

WO2 Simon Jeffery RLC, Employer Engagement



Cripps approached us to help empower them to create their own video content, enabling the law firm to develop in-house production capabilities.

Digitom delivered a camera training workshop which helped colleagues to capture their own stories. The creation of ‘Cripps PGTV’ gives colleagues the opportunity to create video content that helps to demonstrate the businesses core values, shared across a WhatsApp channel and staff intranet.

Watch this interview with Pete Kenyon, Partner at Cripps, to find out how video has proved a useful internal communication channel.

You play two roles, you create content which has an excellent finish. But the other side is you help empower us to make the lower end content so it’s good enough to act as a communication tool.

Pete Kenyon, Partner



Maidstone Borough Council logoMaidstone Borough Council used The Caddy Family as part of their communication strategy to engage with residents about food recycling.

The animated cartoon series, produced by Digitom, engaged with approximately 3,000 school children across the borough and was a finalist in the national LARAC awards.

Watch this interview with Communications Manager Georgie Grassom about how the Caddy Family campaign met its objectives and achieved success.

I believe we had about 12,500 people who watched the video and it’s still going strong now because we can roll that message out repeatedly.   It was one of our most successful campaigns to date.

Georgie Grassom, Communications Manager

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