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H+H Thin-Joint Construction | ib3

H+H Thin-Joint Construction | ib3

Creation of a product video


H+H is the UK’s largest manufacturer of aircrete blocks and systems. Working closely with creative communications agency ib3 we were briefed to produce a 3D product animation demonstrating the construction of a house using H+H’s Thin-Joint method.


Our creative treatment of a 3D model, set in a virtual environment set the format for subsequent H+H product videos across Europe. From the foundations being dug through to the final sofits and facias being being fitted the narrative is assisted by 2D animated text, to help reinforce the accompanying voiceover from H+H’s Lead Trainer.

H+H Thin-Joint Construction: Behind the Scenes
H+H Thin-Joint Construction: Behind the Scenes

This was my first animation project and it was pretty daunting to begin with. Working with the team at Digitom made the process so much easier than I imagined;  they were patient, focused, professional and above all extremely easy to work with.


By the very nature of the project we knew the technical detail would be a challenge, however they were keen to learn and understand the mechanics of house building and ultimately delivered a truly inspired animation which explained exactly what we had envisaged.

Jenny Smith-Andrews, Head of Marketing

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