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Maidstone Borough Council

The Caddy Family | Maidstone Borough Council

Children's cartoon series encouraging food recycling


Maidstone Borough Council provides local government services for Kent’s county town and residents. We were commissioned to produce a series of short animations featuring a family of recycled food, to be used online and as part of a workshop for primary school children.


‘At Home With The Caddys’ features Captain Caddy, Edna Eggshell, Grandad Teabag, teenagers Anna Applecore and Si Sweetcorn, toddler Sophie Strawberry, baby Pip Pea-pod and Noodles the dog, created and illustrated by Maidstone Borough Council.

‘Christmas with the Caddys’ is a festive animation set in the Caddy household on Christmas Day. In this episode the family are exploring what can be done with left-over food, Christmas wrapping paper and packaging. Starring special guest Russell the Brussel we learn the importance of separating waste materials into the appropriate bins in communal recycling areas.

By working with Digitom, we were able to grow our food characters and give them personalities.


The end result is a series of fun and educational videos which we can use on all our communication channels.

Helen Bell, Communications Manager


Finalist at the LARAC 2017 Awards for ‘Best Waste Minimisation or Prevention Project’.

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