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Production of an internal communications film


British Transport Police is responsible for policing Scotland, England and Wales’ railways, providing a service to rail operators, their staff and passengers across the country. We were briefed to produce a film recounting what it’s like for officers to deal with a major incident as part of an internal training framework for colleagues.

Major Incidents film
Major Incidents film


Filming with officers who dealt with the Stonehaven Derailment, the Manchester Arena Terrorist Attack and the Croydon Tram crash we captured their interviews in a mixture of locations. This was intercut with reconstructions of police officers on patrol in London and the control room with a mixture of mainstream news footage from the incidents to deliver an educational documentary-style piece of content.

Major Incidents film
Major Incidents film

These stories really resonated with our people and shared real life scenarios to convey the gravity of the subject matter.

The end result was an impactful and wonderfully-shot film that I’m sure we’ll use for years to come.

May Holloway, Head of Internal Communications

Behind the scenes of camera person filming police officers inside Kings Cross station
Behind the scenes of camera person filming police officers outside Kings Cross station

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