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Local Plan | Maidstone Borough Council

Local Plan | Maidstone Borough Council

Production of a series of videos on the National Planning and Policy Framework


Maidstone Borough Council provides local government services for Kent’s county town and residents.  We were briefed by the communications team to produce a video explaining the government’s National Planning Policy Framework and its implication for local residents.


Our creative treatment was for a series of short video around four specific themes of the public consultation, Great place to Live, Great place to work, Great location and Great place to grow. Featuring the Cabinet Member for Planning, Transport and Development talking directly to camera about each topic we filmed around the borough and composited additional facts and statistics into scenes with 3D graphics.

Set to appropriate background music the four videos were distributed on the council’s YouTube channel and hyperlinked to each other to help move the online audience navigate the content.

Tom is a great producer, combining the skills of a top class film maker with the cutting edge insight of an investigative reporter.


Digitom took our brief, refined it and packaged our messages in a memorable format in bite sized clips, and all at record speed.

Roger Adley, Communications Manager

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