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Production of a series of technical videos


Graticules Optics is a proven world-class designer and manufacturer of precision micropattern products. We were briefed to recreate a series of technical videos explaining how to Calibrate a Microscope with a Stage Micrometer, Size and Fit an Eyepiece Reticle and use a Sedgewick Rafter Counting Chamber.


We collaborated with Ian, the Senior Technical Support Specialist, to script and produce a storyboard. Filmed on location with autocue and set to appropriate background music, the videos utilise existing iconography brand assets to create motion graphics and chapter headings.

Digitom were able to add their expertise to considerably enhance and streamline the content.


Their professionalism and efficiency through the project was excellent and we will not hesitate to use them for future projects.

Neil Blackford, Director

Graticules Optics: Behind the scenes
Graticules Optics: Behind the scenes

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