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At Digitom we firmly believe in the power of giving back to society and making a positive impact on our community. As part of our corporate social responsibility commitment we’re offering a local charity the chance to receive a pro-bono campaign film and to be our next charity of the year.

Published: October 2023

Previously we supported Mental Health Resource and Nourish Community Foodbank, both in Tunbridge Wells, but this year we’d like to offer the opportunity for you to nominate a charitable organisation you think could benefit from a campaign film. Here’s what Jen Williams, Fundraising Manager for Mental Health Resource had to say about how our film has helped their organisation.

By focusing on the stories of our clients and the impact of our charity on their lives, the film helps shines a light on the important topic of mental health.


We regularly show the film at fundraising events and network meetings, and it plays a huge role in helping us reach more clients and supporters.


As a Certified B Corp we are committed to making a significant impact to support the community, pledging our resources to create a £5,000 film for the chosen charity, providing the services we would include for all our clients in a paid-for campaign of this size.

We will also provide regular updates on the progress and outcomes of the campaign, ensuring transparency and accountability. We want to work with a charity that either supports people, the environment or the community – or even better, that we can demonstrate all three values.


Send your nomination to [email protected], telling us all about the charitable organisation and how a campaign film will help them. Don’t forget to include your name and telephone number, along with the contact details for the charity you are nominating.

Map of the South East with a 30 mile radius.

Map of the South East showing 30 mile radius criteria

Our only criteria are that the organisation must operate within a 30 mile radius of Tunbridge Wells and must be a registered charity or community interest company (CIC).

Closing date; Tuesday 31st October 2023

Published by Times of Tunbridge Wells  4th October 2023
LISTEN AGAIN: Pat Marsh Breakfast Show | BBC Radio Kent 9th October 2023

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