Digitom is an award-winning, UK-based, professional video production company.


Video Production

We use high definition broadcast equipment coupled with professional edit software


Our designers produce storyboards, character animation, infographics and 3D graphics

Branded Content

We create high quality content that tells a story, using mainstream broadcast techniques

Training & UGC

We deliver User Generated Content workshops, training your team to produce their own videos

Find out how we work, with an infographic detailing each stage of the production for video and animation


Agencies and Brands We’ve Worked With

  • Digitom Ltd: Home | Tunbridge Wells, Kent Video Production Company
  • Click Creative
  • Digitom Ltd: Home | Tunbridge Wells, Kent Video Production Company
  • Digitom Ltd: Home | Tunbridge Wells, Kent Video Production Company
  • Digitom Ltd: Home | Tunbridge Wells, Kent Video Production Company
  • One Two Four



If you’d like to find out more about video production, animation or branded content get in touch.

STUDIO: +44 (0)1892 520697 EMAIL: info@digitom.tv


Roughly how much will it cost for a 3 minute film or animation?

Because each of our projects is bespoke there’s no general rule on ballpark costs. We produce projects from £1,500 upwards, so it’s best to have a chat through your ideas. That way we can ask questions and produce a unique estimate that best matches your brief, and most importantly your budget.

When preparing costs we’ll take into consideration many factors, such as the amount of preparation required (storyboards, scripts, organising logistics for contributors etc), the filming or animation schedule (including hiring any special camera equipment, filming locations and travel logistics etc) and finally post-production (the editing, commissioning of motion graphics, licensing music etc).


I’d like to commission a film, but I’m not sure what, can you help?

We’re more than used to dealing with these situations, in fact sometimes these are the jobs we enjoy the most as they give us a chance to flex our creative muscle. We can chat through the possibilities and present you with several creative treatments, based upon our conversation.

Are you prepared to travel?

Yes, we regularly film in Europe and further afield such as Africa, Asia and the North Pole. We’re adept at dealing with visas, carnets and travel arrangements, necessary for foreign assignments.