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Upskilled workforce | Ministry of Defence

Upskilled workforce | Ministry of Defence

Production of a Reservist recruitment video.


Civil Service Reserves are government employees who serve with either the British Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force, alongside regular forces both home and overseas.

We were briefed to produce a recruitment video to be distributed across internal government channels that featured Civil Service employees talking about their second roles as Reservists.

Reserve Forces
Reserve Forces


We combined interviews with reservists, library footage and stock shots from the Ministry of Defence with kinetic typography composited into scenes to help illustrate the diversity of roles available within the Reserves.

As well as delivering an overall 2-minute video we also delivered individual cut-downs of the four Reservist contributors, including subtitled versions.

Reserve Forces
Reserve Forces

The purpose of this film was to capture the personal experiences of Civil Servants who also serve as Reservists, in order to increase the visibility of Reserves across Government and the understanding of the value of the additional skills they are able to bring back to the Civil Service.

WO2 Simon Jeffery RLC, Employer Engagement

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