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Production of a series of e-learning animations


Medthority, developed by EPG Health, is an online source of credible and independent scientific content intended for healthcare professionals globally. We were briefed to produce a series of animations telling the story of a young patient suffering with psoriasis.

Paediatric Psoriasis
Paediatric Psoriasis


Working closely with the EPG Health team we suggested a voiceover led 2D animated cartoon creative treatment which presents the patient case study as a story. Broken into four journey points of a patient visiting a paediatrician for an examination, current treatments and new clinical trials.

Paediatric Psoriasis
Paediatric Psoriasis

We were keen to elevate the emotional burden of a child suffering with a long term condition.

The experience Digitom offered in developing the story and animation really brought this to life.

Allen Wellings, Commercial Director

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