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This is a question we’re often asked by new clients. The issue of budget is fairly straightforward, therefore we wanted to share how we work with our clients to maximise their return on investment with video.

Published: 12th August 2020


In order to build the appropriate price for a video it’s important to consider a number of factors. Here are some key questions we ask clients which ensures we deliver the right creative treatment:

  • When do you need the content delivered by; is there a time specific production schedule or delivery date?
  • What do you want to achieve through the video; who’s your target audience and what’s the desired result?
  • Do you have an existing concept; what do you want your audience to see, think and feel?
  • Do you have an idea of how much you’d like to spend?

The issue of budget is rarely straight-forward and some Marketing Directors may not want to show their full hand, in an attempt to ensure full value for money.  Whilst that’s completely understandable, an open and honest discussion at the beginning of any project enables us to deliver a creative treatment which best fits their budget and brief.


No two briefs are the same, we’ve delivered content for budgets ranging from £1,500 to up to £50,000.  It’s our core network of trusted freelancers, built up over the last decade, that enables us to scale flexibly on a per project basis. We look at the size and composition of the team needed and the equipment we’ll hire, to ensure we are as cost-efficient as possible.

Put simply we trade our time, skills and experience for money, it’s as simple as that. We’re not selling a physical product; instead we deliver a creative asset which meets brand and marketing objectives.  Videos can be simple, but they can also be very complex with high production values. We have produced Broadcast television commercials for £10,000; but similarly, we could produce one for £100,000, and anywhere in-between or beyond.

This approach enables us to sit down with clients to discuss their project and how best we can create something which fulfils both the brief and the budget.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are something we’ll discuss with any client, which we can then measure success against. Video content can be used for any number of objectives; telling a brand story to engage with customers, recruitment and staff engagement, sharing best practice, engaging team members or recruitment. Understanding the objectives at the start of any new project is key to making sure we’re fully briefed and that everyone involved understands their role in making the project a success.


Our estimates include an overview of the project, including the onscreen deliverables so it’s clear and everyone is onboard with the concept. This can be illustrated with a presentation and an accompanying written creative or even storyboarded to help what the objective of the marketing message is and how/if the content will integrate with any existing campaigns.

Resources are broken down into specific areas of production services detailing out who’s involved at the different stages of production, ensuring clients can clearly see where budget is being spent. Typically, this means pre-production, production, and post-production. In each of these stages we detail what kind of crew members will be involved, how many people and for how long, and the equipment we’ll hire.

We ‘hand-hold’ clients through the entire process setting out a time schedule to help manage expectations so we deliver on brief, on time and on budget. It’s this proven formula of openness and transparency that has enabled Digitom to fulfil repeat clients’ briefs over the past decade. It’s our approach and successful delivery of clients’ projects that has resulted in us winning awards for what we do. Our clients come back to us because they trust us with their brand.

If you’re contemplating using video or animated content as part of your marketing or communications strategy, get in touch.

We’d love to start a conversation with you.

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