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We’re supporting the Better Business Act, calling on government to make it mandatory for Company directors to prioritise people and the planet over profit.

Published: April 2024

The campaign, run by B Lab UK, requires government to make a small update to section 172 of the Companies Act to clean-up the ‘looseness of the language’ that can often be misinterpreted. Since its launch in April 2021 the Better Business Act has received cross-party support and gathered a coalition of more than 2,600 organisations, but ahead of the next general election now is the time to create wider interest and show business support for the next government to implement the Act through parliament.


We’d hope that most customers want to support businesses who do right by their employees, the environment and the community, and this law means that Company directors would be held to account in these areas. It’s like giving businesses a little nudge, saying, “Hey, it’s not just about the bottom line.” It would also mean that prioritising these areas wouldn’t be a negotiable part of business planning, when it comes to persuading shareholders to support ethical business practices.

It’s also about fairness, making sure businesses look after their people, for example paying fair wages and having safe working conditions, and thereby enhancing the communities in which they operate. All of this also makes good business sense too. Happy workers are productive workers, and a healthy planet means a sustainable future for everyone. Plus, when businesses play fair, it builds trust with customers, stakeholders, and society as a whole.

If you knew the flat white you just bought was made by a company that treats its farmers well and cares about the environment, wouldn’t you enjoy it just a little bit more?


Digitom achieved B Corp™ status in 2023; which means that as a business we are doing our best to make a positive change through our work – this is legally binding and written into our articles of association at Companies House. But you don’t have to be a Certified B Corporation, any business can support the Better Business Act. So, if this is something that aligns with your values sign-up here, because when businesses do better, we all do better.

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