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We wanted to know why some of the UK’s leading education, private and public sector organisations are using video content, so we asked a few of our clients how they use it, and what plans they have for 2016.

Over the past few years we’ve witnessed the online video revolution, as marketeers produce more and more video content for distribution across websites, social media and streaming portals.

“There’s an opportunity with video to engage, and with the visual element it’s a really good opportunity to capture someone’s imagination.” Ema Saunders, Savills

“The old-fashioned idea of we have a message, we’re going to use all our channels to broadcast our message to you, is being broken down slightly by the more social way the world works, so things are much more about being part of a conversation.” Matt Hutchinson, SpareRoom

If you’re contemplating using video content as part of your marketing strategy this year, get in touch.
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