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Over the past few months the UK has seen a drastic change to the way we live our lives. We saw restaurants, cafés and pubs all close. Remember when people were only allowed to go outside for an hour of exercise a day and for essential shopping?

Published: 24th July 2020


As a new graduate entering an already rapidly changing industry, I wanted to share with you the story of how I have graduated from my Television Production degree at Bournemouth University with a 2:1, and how I started working for Digitom Video Production, based in Tunbridge Wells, from my University house in Bournemouth. It has been a very surreal time for me and again I’m sure for others around the UK. Going from being a very social person seeing university friends everyday for the last three years, to only seeing the same three people I live with at University since March was a big change.

My journey with the company started last year, when I applied for work experience as part of my University course for the summer. I was offered freelance work as an assistant on location, earning money and travelling the UK and Europe on location shoots. My University studies ended in June and earlier this month I accepted a role at Digitom, whilst holed up in my shared digs in Bournemouth during lockdown. My first task as a new Production Assistant was to set up all the remote software, so I had everything I needed to (with a lot of excitement) start my first job in the industry.


Those who can work from home are asked to do so, and that’s something I’ve had to do. During my first week I spent time getting familiar with the way Digitom operates. I was given a folder with lots of workbooks on how to do certain jobs, and I have slowly been working my way through them. My first job was working with the team to ensure we have measures in place to combat the spread of coronavirus while working on location, and how we can all plan to work together safely in the office come September.

Something that has been extremely helpful and important during my first few weeks of work has been morning meetings via Microsoft Teams. It has given us all a chance to talk face to face. I’ve also been trained remotely how to access the company systems and processes, assisting with edits and planning current productions.


Looking ahead to next month, I’m really excited about my first location shoot and to be able to work with clients face to face (obviously while social distancing). During this strange time I have found it hard to stay motivated and I’m sure many others in the same situation around the world have too, but last week I moved out of my shared digs, back to my family home in Tunbridge Wells. When I got there, an iMac had already been dropped off with a goodie bag of tech I would need to start working from home. Having set all this up, I’m now even better equipped to work than I was with my laptop in Bournemouth. I have a space in my room where I can work, and it’s almost as if I was in the studio office with the team at Digitom.

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