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We’re really pleased that our Production Assistant Kieran has been named Creative Pioneer of the Month. 

After a long search with Creative Skillset for a national training provider we appointed Creative Pioneers in July 2015 to deliver a Level 3 Diploma in Creative and Digital Media. This apprenticeship has given Kieran on-the-job training, learning all aspects of production in a small content agency, from assisting with the set-up of productions, client liaison, to filming on location and assisting with edits in post-production.


Creative Pioneers assessor Craig Cordice has been visiting Kieran on a monthly basis to find out how it’s going and guide him with his course work, which is completed one day a week and assessed independently.


Behind the scenes

Craig said “I have been privileged to witness Kieran’s outstanding and creative talents in the Creative Digital Media sector. His skills and aptitude for learning has enabled him to achieve some of the best learning outcomes I have ever come across. The CDM sector is extremely competitive and it’s important to mention employers like Digitom, who were incredibly supportive of Kieran. They understood his needs and ensured he had a quality learning experience in a work based setting. Kieran worked on multiple projects in a highly professional environment, which gave him invaluable work experience.  This led to him securing employment and acquiring a range of life skills and experiences to rival any graduate trainee programme. Kieran has a very bright future ahead thanks to his determination to succeed.”

Straight out of school into the creative workplace, Kieran has quickly learned about the world of work, from 2:30am alarm calls to film with the British Army in the Brecon Beacons, to overnight shifts on the streets of Canterbury, filming student nightlife for the Universities.


Kieran, Production Assistant

I’ve had part-time weekend jobs whilst at school, prior to joining the company” said Kieran. “I knew that the first month or two would be about learning the ropes and finding my feet, and one year on I’ve learned a huge amount, but it doesn’t stop there.  There is always something new to learn and skills to develop.

“During school it’s drummed into you that university is the only credible option if you want a successful career.  This might be true for some subjects and careers, but maybe not so much for the creative industry.”

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