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If used correctly video is an incredibly powerful communication tool. We’ve a long history of working with clients to develop professional content for a variety of audiences.

This ranges from branded content to stimulate conversations and engage with customers, to recruitment campaigns for internal communications and training platforms.


When it comes to telling complicated or challenging stories, animation is an increasingly popular and innovative method. It helps bring your story to life and enables you to share a narrative that can sometimes be logistically difficult to film. There are many different styles of animation but our team of designers are well versed in 3D visualisation, character animation and 2D iconography and kinetic typography.

360° VIDEO

This new technology allows us to create a film which immerses the viewer in the environment, be it video or augmented reality (AR). Utilising specialist cameras, our team combines fast evolving production methods with traditional broadcast values, to deliver a viewing experience which captures the whole story.

Our 360° Videos can be syndicated across YouTube, Facebook Video and Vimeo channels. Viewers can watch the content on headsets such as the Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift, as well as on smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Here’s an example of a 360° Video we’ve produced for Shepherd Neame.


Video is a powerful medium for communicating with your customers, colleagues and clients. And while there will always be the demand for professional content, what if we could empower you to produce your own video content?

We can deliver a basic user-generated content (UGC) workshop in two days, covering the importance of narrative, filming tips, sound and lighting, before embarking on a shooting exercise in small groups, using iPhones or iPads. We’ll also show you how to edit your footage on user-friendly software. By the end of the course you’ll have produced your first video.

Our ex-BBC Video Nation producers have delivered training programmes for private and public sector organisations, training their teams to capture and edit video content. With the advent of smart phones it’s never been easier to start shooting.




Aerial filming gives viewers an alternative angle on a story. Be it in hard to access locations, or just to capture stunning visuals, the use of drones is an increasingly popular technique in our creative treatments for clients.

We have access to two drones; a single operator Yuneec Tornado H920 PLUS with a CGO4 camera, based upon the popular Panasonic GH4. Featuring a 3-axis gimbal the 3x optical zoom captures 4K resolution video and 16 megapixel photography. The dual operated DJI Inspire Pro is a popular choice as the pilot can concentrate on flying the drone, whilst the camera operator has independent control of the Zenmuse X5 camera. The ability to shoot 4K resolution video and 16 megapixel photography is coupled with a flight time of around 20 minutes per battery.

Our aerial team are BNUC-S Qualified and CAA Approved, fully insured and hold current PFAW / PFCO licenses.



We specialise in working with agencies and communications professionals who are experienced in producing high-end content. But we’re also well versed in working with those who are looking to commission content for the first time, and therefore might not have much knowledge of the creative process. Here’s an infographic to help explain the production process step-by-step.



How much will it cost for a 1 minute 30 second video or animation?
Each of our projects is bespoke, so we don’t offer package prices. This means each estimate is unique so it’s best to start with an informal chat through your ideas. It allows us to discuss the most appropriate level of resources that best matches your brief, and most importantly your budget.

When producing a creative treatment and estimate we’ll take into consideration many factors, such as the amount of pre-production required (storyboards, scripts, arranging equipment hire, crew logistics and travel etc), the filming or animation production schedule and finally post-production (the editing, design and creation of motion graphics, music licensing etc).

What information do you require for a brief?
The more information you can tell us the better. We have a simple document for clients to complete which you can request – at no obligation – by emailing [email protected]

Are you prepared to travel?
Yes, we are based in Tunbridge Wells, just outside London but we film all over the UK and abroad. We have good road and rail connections and can be in Central London in under an hour, with good connections to Europe with Eurotunnel nearby.

We are also conveniently located close to London Gatwick, London City and Heathrow airports for international travel. Our production team are adept at arranging crew visas, equipment carnets and travel.

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